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Mothers' Initiative Africa



Empowering the Women of Uganda

 Working with Mothers' Initiative Africa and the Rotary Club of Mbamle, Uganda, we are raising funds to purchase 12 sewing and tailoring machines in Uganda that will be used to train 60 women and girls in the creation of personal hygiene items. In turn, these women will become the teachers in their community, establishing  a vocational training program. It is our shared goal to empower these women and young girls to create lasing change for themselves and their communities while also developing a cottage industry that allows girls to continue their education past puberty


The Rotary Club of Mbamle, Uganda
Mothers' Initiative Africa

Both organizations have a well documented histories of working with international partners to do groundbreaking work in the Mbamle district of Uganda.


Completion Notes

We ultimately wired the Rotary Club of Mbale $11,215 for the purchase of sewing machines and materials, as well as funds to pay for the training class expenses (trainer transportation, fees, meals), in two separate wires 4/28/2022 and 5/11/2022.

The first event day was May 18th, when 28 women and 2 men were trained on the new sewing machines and in financial training. too. These participants were part of the “Make your own session” of making Reusable Sanitary Pads using a hand needle. The women were trained about Menstrual health, Hygiene and Sanitation, how to make Reusable Sanitary pads with both tailoring machines and a hand needle, and financial literacy.

The second event day was May 28th, when Rotary Club of Mbale and MIA hosted an “Ambassadors of Women” training on Menstrual Hygiene Management Day. They had many women there, including 4 teenagers who were able to make their own reusable sanitary pads that will enable them to continue to stay in school. The women also used some of our funds to make laundry soap that can be sold along with the sanitary pads, of which the proceeds will continue to support the program.

These women will now go back to their communities as “trainers” to help more women learn to sew the reusable menstrual pads. It is hard to quantify how many local women and girls in the Mbale District in Uganda will ultimately benefit from having a skill that they can transition into a small business and the girls who can stay in school after puberty. Allowing women a path to education and a means to support and better themselves creates lasting change in their communities as they are able to rise themselves out of poverty and raise educated children.

The training sessions will be ongoing, and we will continue to be updated as they continue by our Ugandan partners.